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The Artist

Hello and welcome to Bastet's Beads!

You may wonder at the name. Bastet was an ancient Egyptian cat goddess and we have a few cats. Follow my cat link and you'll see the connection. :)  

My obsession is handmade glass beads, called lampwork since the process used to take place over a bunsen burner type lamp. Thankfully we have fuel driven torches for this now! I make these beads with a variety of glasses such as Moretti/Effetre glass rods from Italy, Bullseye, Lauscha, and Vetrofond. I also work with American made borosilicate glasses and they are annealed in my kiln before being available for sale on Ebay or at shows. 

If you are interested in the more "professional" aspect of what I do (like publications my work is in or previous instructors) click here.

For more information on Bast/Bastet Herself, this link has a lot of interesting info : or this one which is longer and has a nice "moral" to the story...


Where you can  currently find my work:

-Mardi Brown, Owner/Artist


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