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News and chat:

Dec 05- I had a class with Michael Barley, the king of subtlety (perhaps some of that will rub off on me??), and wanted to post a couple of pics from class. Now you can see  a master at work! We learned to blow our own shard and some of Michael's subtle decoration techniques as well.


Michael starts his gather of glass while Pam Way looks on and one fun pic with a silvered ivory bead.


Dec 05- Happy Holidays to all! It's been a long time since I have had time to write. I have been ill and had a lot of making up to do. So here's just a quick note to wish everyone a good holiday and a friendly reminder that as X-mas approaches and people get cute kitties and puppies for X-mas, please schedule your four footed friends to be spayed and neutered as soon as the vet will let you and help do you part to stop the horror of millions of animals being put down every year simply because they have no home or were unwanted.

9/7/05- Well- the show was fun and I slept for 13 hours afterwards. I want to say thanks to all who came out and may be reading this and thank y'all for the compliments and kudos. It was much appreciated and good to see people. The show went well (even if I was a tad extra busy for one person on Saturday). I really enjoyed seeing friends, talking to everyone and my bead vendor neighbors and donating to the animals in need after hurricane Katrina (as animals are subject very close to my heart- every few times I sold beads from the sale bowl- I'd go stick the $$ in the animal fund bowl across from me ;-) ). Now I need to fall back, regroup and get ready for the final show for the year- Bead Renaissance San Antonio.

For those who are wondering- I don't have any info yet on when the Crafter's Coast to Coast (now called That's Clever) episode will air with me doing the seashells...I'll have to have my mom keep an eye out- she watches that channel alot...I don't even have TV- I know, I know- pitifully primitive!. :P

8/30/05- Well- 4 days and counting til showtime. And what am I doing? Pricing? Making labels??? Washing tablecloths? No...I'm reminiscing....Here are some photos from the Grapevine show in May I finally found in one of my folders all thanks to my own dad, who remembers to take these things 'cuz I don't have time....



 Me at the start of the day...ready?                            Donna J of Dancing Light Jewelry -wearing my beads. :)


Awesome mom and daughter customers                      End of day 1-  Hair? nope. Energy? nope. Makeup? nope. Sweat? plenty.


8/17/05- I just got my gratis copies of Step by Step Beads and there I am, on page 43...or rather...there my beads are...confusing and cool all at the same time. :)


 7-1-05-  I haven't written anything here in such a long while. I've been busy trying to get caught back up to where I am supposed to be at this time of year for show inventory after the HGTV shoot. So far, and with the 98+ temperature average, I don't seem to be making a lot of headway....just "keeping up" with the auctions. Perhaps it will rain a little soon- I sure hope so, we have a large yard that I have to section off and water a different section every evening- YIKES! One bit of news that I haven't shared yet but perhaps now is the time, is that back in May I was chosen as this years first place entry in Lapidary Journals "Bead Arts" award for lampwork! It took awhile to sink in but it's exciting! My first award! I'll be published in their September and October issue. (Lapidary Journal has always been one of my favorite magazines. I guess that's the latent jeweler in me.) Here's a pic of the beads I entered:







Currently, I have about enough space in my studio for private lessons. I can teach small group classes on an "as available" basis if someone has studio space available. Contact me for details. Classes are small. I will only teach a maximum of 4 students at a time because I prefer to give a large amount of individual instruction. Plenty of notes and handouts accompany the demo and practice style of teaching.

Beginner level classes: Safety, set up, basic beads and decorations: round beads, cylinders and teardrops or hearts. Encasing beads, using stringer for decoration, dots lines and raking techniques.

Intermediate: Further adventures in bead shapes, refining your techniques, bicones, poked dots, heat control and understanding how glass moves, hand pulled stringers and cased canes or striped stringers.







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